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  Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pali Tuesday Oct 14

By Admissions

Our 7th graders had a good night sleep and enjoyed their  breakfast very much after a very precise archery lesson yesterday afternoon!

The two groups then headed to their morning activities : crime scene investigation and team building !

Before having Sloppy Joes for lunch, one group went to the Nature Center to discover more about amphibians and reptiles. The other group used their great imaginations to create wonderful nature art in the forest…P1080589 P1080590 P1080592 P1080596 P1080599 P1080604 P1080630 P1080637 P1080644 P1080646 P1080649 P1080650 P1080653 P1080660 P1080662 P1080663 P1080666 P1080667 P1080668 P1080671 P1080673 P1080679 P1080682 P1080690 P1080694 P1080696 P1080699 P1080702 P1080710 P1080712 P1080714 P1080718 P1080727 P1080728 P1080742 P1080750 P1080756 P1080758

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