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  Monday, February 3, 2020

Record Number of JMUN Position Papers Accepted

By Admissions

From Ms Shelby ASELTINE:
Since October, the Middle School JMUN Club has been eagerly preparing for our upcoming conference at the end of May. Our student delegation will be representing the nations of Canada and Saudi Arabia this year. Building off of the momentum of last year’s success, our students have fearlessly tackled their work this year with enthusiasm and vigor. While students were researching their nations, they learned about the vastly different foreign and national policies of Canada and Saudi Arabia, and they discovered some of their own political beliefs along the way. We also learned about many pressing issues around the globe, ranging from the Civil War in Yemen to the ethics of genetic editing using CRISPR. It has been an incredibly busy and productive year.
Last year we had a record number of 2 position papers selected to be read at the conference. I’m ecstatic to share that this year we surpassed that record. We had 6 position papers selected from a pool of over 400 papers drafted by Middle and High School students from around San Diego county. Adrien Rahmati, Lucile Schmitz, Gabriel Rosen-Ahmed, Chloe Chapeaux, Emi Ayala-Sekiguchi, and Jorge Bas all had their papers selected. They will be presenting their work at the conference in May.
The results we have been seeing over the past three years have consistently shown that our students are capable writers, critical thinkers, and innovated problem solvers. Every year I grow increasingly proud of our students and their enthusiasm for international affairs. It is also because of you, their teachers and mentors, that they are able to understand incredibly complex global issues and then design meaningful and creative solutions to solve them. I want to thank you all for making my work with them on Monday afternoons so enjoyable, thought-provoking, and insanely fun.
If you are interested in reading up on what we have been doing this year, this is the Google Site I maintain for our JMUN Club. You can read examples of student work on the page titled “Spotlight Positions and Resolutions.”
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