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  Monday, April 30, 2018

San Diego Air and Space Museum’s Fly Your Ride Competition

By Bénédicte Brouder



On Saturday April 28th Alex Llewellyn Smith and Nicolas Fischer competed in the San Diego Air and Space Museum’s Fly Your Ride Competition.

The goal of the event was to have a vehicle that could jump the biggest gap while staying within the course.  The vehicle had to go down a six foot ramp, jump over the gap, land on the ramp on the other side and not run off the sides.  To add to the challenge students had to design their own vehicle that had to be constructed without any prefabricated designs or have any sort of motors.  Also the entire vehicle had to fit in a large show box and be created on a budget of less than $30.

Nicolas and Alex were excellent representatives of SDFAS.  Their car jumped far enough, but had troubles staying on a straight path.  We learned a lot from watching the teams that had tons of experience with this event and are ready to apply our knowledge to next year’s designs.

(Ms. Jacoway)

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