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  Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Science Project in 6th Grade

By Admissions

The 6th grade students have been learning about cells in US science.  We used microscopes to look at different types of cells and to see some of the internal organelles.  Students added contaminants to the cells they were looking at in the microscopes to observe how the organelles reacted to changing environments and started learning the functions of the different organelles.  The kids then needed to learn the functions of all the organelles and to build a model of a cell.  In order to help them better remember the organelles and their functions the kids created analogy models, in which they chose something they knew well that could be compared to a cell.  They decided which part of their item of choice matched the function of which organelle best.  Students were encouraged to use what they could find around their homes and their creativity to build their analogical model of a cell.  We’ve had a wonderful time seeing what each student came up with and sharing our cells.  Each student has had the opportunity the share his or her model and all of us that were listening decided which organelle we thought made the most sense and helped us better remember the actual organelle and function.  Thanks for all the hard work and extra efforts.

Echo Jacoway

6th grade students have worked on the cell project, please see some pictures by clicking on the Gallery:

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