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  Monday, October 16, 2017

Script Writing Workshop – EUSTORY project

By Bénédicte Brouder


thumb_DSC_0024_1024On Saturday September 16, 2017, we kicked off the project at SDFAS.

As a reminder, EUSTORY is a contest for students in French and German middle and high schools, organized by French and German institutions such as the Institut Français and the Goethe Institute.

The purpose is to keep memories of events alive, promote cross cultural understanding, promote peace between nations, and give a fun and interesting opportunity for French and German students to work together. Contest entries must be submitted by March 25, 2018.

Now, in order to provide students with tools for coming up with the movie they wish to submit as their entry to the contest, we decided to run a script-writing workshop on Saturday October 14.

Our speaker, Diane Alpaio, who is a professional script writer, kindly accepted to teach our German/French group of 16 students and their parents basic elements of script writing. These valuable skills will be put to good use not only for the EUSTORY project but also for other works as life-long learning skills.

We want to express our gratitude to Diane Alpaio, and also to all participants, adults and students, who made this workshop successful and a fantastic example of high quality teamwork!

For more information, please visit

Diane Alpaio, Screenwriter

Diane has written and optioned several feature length movie scripts. Her focus is on writing empowering comedies. She is currently working on two projects; a female buddy movie and a Christmas franchise. Prior to her work as a screenwriter Diane held management positions in the telecom industry and worked at the university level in alumni relations.

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