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  Thursday, May 19, 2016

SDFAS Track & Field: Girls place 1st, Boys 2nd

By Diesa Seidel

The SDFAS Girls & Boys Track & Field teams competed in the IMSL Championships today at Maranatha Christian School. Over 60 athletes competed in the 4 x 100m, 1600m, 400m, 100m, 800m, 200m, 4 x 400m, shot put, discus, long jump and triple jump. At today’s finals, only the top 6 qualifiers for each event were invited to compete for bronze, silver, and gold medals. Team points for the girls and boys were also tallied to crown the season’s overall league track & field champions.

Going into the finals, the girls team was in 2nd place, with 171 team points for the season. Chabad Hebrew Academy led the way with 175 team points (1st), followed by Soille Hebrew Day in 3rd (74), Encinitas Country Day in 4th (70), and The Cambridge School in 5th (40).  The girls were fearless and relentless as they pushed through event by event, eventually taking the lead, and sealing the victory! The girls varsity team won the Track & Field Championship meet with a score of  269 team points, beating out our competitor Chabad (247).

Leading the way for the girls was Maxine Arambulo (800m 1st place, 1600m 2nd place, 400m 2nd place), Adriana Telenti (4 x 100m 1st place, 100m 1st place, 200m 1st place), Alienor Calmejane (long jump 1st place, 100m 2nd place, 200m 2nd place), Noella Coiquaud (4 x 100m 1st place, shot put 3rd place, discus 3rd place), Angeline Arambulo (4 x 100 1st place, Triple Jump), Elena Miralles (4 x 100, 1st place).

The Girls Junior Varsity team was pioneered by 2 students. Congratulations to Lexine Arambulo (400m 3rd place, 200m 2nd place, 100m 2nd place), and Apolline Picard (400m 2nd place, 200m 3rd place) for your silver and bronze medals!


On the boys side, both the Varsity (7/8 grade) and Junior Varsity (5/6 grade) teams had an outstanding season. The Varsity and JV boys beat out 5 other schools and brought home the 2nd place trophy at the IMSL Track & Field Championships, scoring 285 and 269 points respectively. The varsity boys team is led by Mael Coiquaud (1st 4 x 100m, 1st 100m, 1st long jump), Georges Perbost (1st 4 x 100m, 3rd 100m, 2nd 200m), Robin Nicoli (1st 4 x 100, 3rd 1600m, 2nd triple jump), Antoine Massip (400m 3rd, 800m 3rd, shot put), Maxime Dupret ( 1st 4 x 100m, 3rd triple jump, 200m), Mayeul Calmejane (2nd shot put, 2nd discus, triple jump), and David Llewellyn-Smith (3rd 200m). The junior varsity team includes Paul Madany (2nd 100, 2nd 200, 3rd long jump),  Seiji Ayala-Sekigucki (1st 4 x 400, 2nd 400), Zachary Walker (1st 4 x 400, 400, 800), Lucas Schuppek (1st 4 x 400, 3rd 800, 200), and 5th grade powerhouses John Guckian (1st 400m, 1st 200m, 1st 4 x 400m), and Nicola Redon (1st long jump, 3rd 100, 3rd 200).

Congratulations to all our deserving athletes! IMG_6539


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