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  Friday, May 26, 2017

Second Day at the Junior MUN Conference – Day 2

By Bénédicte Brouder


The JMUN team had an outstanding second day. The teams negotiated resolutions to a “crisis” that was presented to them only yesterday and they continued to debate the other topics in their committees. In the afternoon, we attended the awards ceremony and were very pleased to find that four of our delegates won awards! They are as follows:

1.  Ellie  – Commendation, World Health Organization

2.  Charles – Commendation, Security Council II

3. Caius  – Outstanding Delegate, Third Committee

4. Seiji – Outstanding Delegate, Regional Security Council

Commendations are awarded to three delegates who demonstrated deep understanding of the broader factors that affect their committee. 

Outstanding Delegates are three delegates who demonstrated insight and knowledge in the topics addressed by their committee. 

For only our second year participating, this was simply an extraordinary achievement by these delegates. All of the delegates showed poise, individual triumph over personal fears and challenges, and pride in their hard work and dedication. It was a privilege to watch them represent the school with sophistication and panache. 

Alex Caius Dylan Charles  Caius Alex Nha Hai Dylan

Charles Caius Seiji Ellie Ellie Maya Pat

Eva Saliha Amaia Ariana Lexine

Leonie Emma Yann Emil Paul

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