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  Friday, February 14, 2020

Some of the Activities during Parent/Teacher Conferences

By Admissions

This past Thursday during the Parent-Teacher Conference afternoon, our beloved MS students were, well, “teacher less”. So what did they do? They took advantage of what SDFAS does best. Innovate, improvise and implement activities that fully engage students, then vary those activities so that all students get a taste of something they like best. In this case, 6th and 7th graders each at different moments alternated between fun and engaging athletic games on the field with Ms. Seidel, and Scrabble/Upwords gaming challenges with Mark our Head of School. Students were assigned randomly to their teams for bilingually-played word game challenges designed to foster collaboration and encouragement among students as well as stretch their language brains and strategy-building ability! Featured in the first photo below is the 6th grade group that collectively used every tile in their Upwords game box to score a fully played out game board of scrabble-like words that both spread out linked to each other as well as “stack” vertically. Controlled high energy chaos and fun!” As for the 8th grade, they had the privilege of going to Aerial Revolution ( )for an afternoon of sheer fun and the building of class cohesion. Go SDFAS. (text by Mark Rosenblum)


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