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  Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Spanish elective, trimester 1: students enjoyed Mexican food in a Mexican restaurant

By Bénédicte Brouder

Gregoire Nicolas


The students from the Spanish elective class in the first trimester worked on food through several activities that include conversational activities, games, worksheets, board games and role play. As a final activity and to bring the language to real life, the students went for lunch to a Mexican restaurant in Chula Vista where they had to order their food, drinks and desserts in Spanish. This was an activity that allowed the students to practice what they have learned, to experience the culture as well as the food.

Los estudiantes de la clase optativa de español trabajaron con el tema de la comida durante el primer trimestre por medio de actividades de conversación, juegos, actividades escritas y juegos de rol. Como actividad final y de manera de llevar el idioma a la vida real, los estudiantes fueron a comer a un restaurante Mexicano situado en Chula Vista. Los estudiantes ordenaron su comida, su bebida y su postre. La actividad permitió

a los estudiantes practicar lo que aprendieron, experimentar la cultura y la comida.

Ms. Patino, Spanish Teacher

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