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  Friday, October 13, 2017

Team Building Workshop: Outreach Program

By Bénédicte Brouder

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On October 12, 2017, all middle school students assembled in the auditorium for an exciting workshop: They were assigned a complex task in groups of 8/9 students.

The goal was to create an oral presentation advocating for a local charity/non-profit organization from the San Diego greater area, which SDFAS could support.

They had to articulate why the group had picked that organization and how the choice was related with the mission of SDFAS. At the end of the workshop, students were able to vote according to several criteria what they thought the best charity would be for SDFAS to support.


Congratulations to all students from 6th to 8th grades for their excellent work: working in large groups on a complex assignment such as this one is challenging. They enjoyed the activity very much and were actively engaged, as they perceived the purpose of it.


The winners were:

Most organized/best oral presentation: team 5 – Make a Wish

Sophie D., Emi, Adrien R., Jade, Gregoire, Paul, Alba, Leonie


Best articulation between mission statements of SDFAS and the chosen charity: team 6 – Glisten

Armand, Ava, Lilou, Diego, Sophie C., Cameron, Nolwenn, Zachary, Ellie

Best Voters’ Choice: team 2 – San Diego Ocean Foundation

Angelina, Chloe, Jaxon, Lily, Oliver, Seiji, Liam Emma

Now team 2 will be invited to present their project/charity to the Humanitarian Committee.



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