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  Monday, December 12, 2016

Welcome to the Mission Bay High School students on campus!

By Bénédicte Brouder

As part of its Outreach Program, the SDFAS Middle School has welcomed on campus a cohort of 15 high school students from MBHS. The students were French learners experiencing French at different level of language abilities. 8 of our 8th grade students served as Ambassadors around campus.

The MBHS students enjoyed an immersion experience in a French Math class with M. Giot, where they were offered the opportunity to solve a problem of logic collaboratively with SDFAS students. They also visited a Spanish class conducted by Ms. Patino, and marveled at the K class, listening at 5th graders reading stories to their younger peers. Finally, they had a chance to explore the Marché de Noël.

“Merci beaucoup pour cette excellente rencontre, mes élèves étaient enchantés et certains veulent y revenir. Sur le chemin du retour ils ont exprimé leur enthousiame. Ils étaient d’abord intimidés, mais se sont relachés par la suite.  Merci aussi pour les photos que je partagerai avec eux. Marion, Bénédicte et Nicolas ont été supers, ainsi que les ambassadeurs. C’est une bonne expérience pour tous.” says their French teacher.
Thank you to all student ambassadors and teachers who helped to make this visit a success!
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