Middle School Delegates and Speeches

Middle School Delegates

Here are the results of the election of Middle School delegates.  Very well done to all of our candiates!
 Here is the list of the delegates for each class:
  • Raphaël Atlante
  • Chloé Vargas Brodin
  • Sofia Rodriguez Morales (Deputy)
  • Ava Bradley serving as a (Deputy)


  • Angelina Allen
  • Tahlia Zadeyan
  • Nathalie Garcia Jasso Soto (Deputy)
  • Sofie Glezer
  • Thomas Vidon
  • David Deutsch (Deputy)
  • Fay Awad (Deputy).
  • Jorge Bas
  • Sophia Hayden
  • (No deputies)
  • Dru Bullard
  • Lucile Schmitz
  • Olivia Brennan (Deputy)
  • Sébastian Brachet (Deputy)
  • Matias Bas
  • Aimée Desrosiers-Kutchuk
  • Michael Thomas (Deputy)
  • Annabelle Wirths-Tihanyi (Deputy)
School Council and delegates within the school and in the organization of a class are very important!  We hope you and younger children will be inspired by what you see below.

8th Grade Bid Speeches:

Discours Emi

Discours Sofia

Discours Raphaël

Discours Chloé
Discours Lilou