Middle School Portal

Clubs: Overview and Online Registration

  • MS Club offerings with first sessions to begin the week of November 2 (next week!).
  • Master Schedule for Clubs and Electives showing days and times for all after-school clubs & math electives.
  • Register here – Enrollment for each group is limited and is determined on a first come, first served basis.
  • To sign up for Math Electives please contact Suneeta Cohen, scohen@sdfrenchschool.org
  • Once the rosters will be finalized, we will send a link for online payment for the fee-associated clubs.

New MS schedules with added period of French across the division

Art for DL students by Zoom

A cross-grade DL Art course online by Zoom by Julie Ducloux has been added as a required offering within the curriculum. The course will begin November 5 (with one virtual session weekly each Thursday at 1.30pm for all DL students during the Directed Studies portion of the third block of the day).

Cell Phone Policy on Campus - Please reinforce at home!

  • Phones stay turned off and out of sight.
  • No usage of phones without prior permission.
  • Act with integrity at all times.