SpongeBob, Star Wars, and Cyrano

SpongeBob, Star Wars, and Cyrano

On Friday, the 8th Grade students of Mme Addo’s French class showed off their brilliant adaptations of scenes from Edmond Rostand’s 1897 Cyrano de Bergerac. A full write-up on the project with lots more photos can be found here. Check it out! Bravo to the 8th Graders! The projects demanded both creativity and a lot of time. Check out the meticulous creation below.

Balcony scene, Act III

6th and 7th Graders Showcase French Lit Project-Based Learning

This week, I meant to include a picture or two while extolling the projects Mme Toudic’s French class have undertaken. What can I say, it was hard to cull just a few examples when there were so many interesting projects to display! The students did great work and the 6th grade dioramas were on display for the whole school to see.


“I strongly believe that project based learning in literature is the best way to keep students engaged in reading books and building up a lasting literary culture,” says Mme Toudic, “I think this activity was a great success!”

6th Graders have been reading adventure novels based on castaways stories, such as Vendredi ou la Vie Sauvage by Michel Tournier and Le Royaume de Kensuké by Michael Morpurgo. They created dioramas to present these books in a fun and creative way. 

Each box includes quotes, students’ opinion about their chosen novel, six images or objects, five key words, five emotions, and a summary of a passage. They could be as creative as they wanted.

“The 7th Grade reading journals are based on the same idea. Students delve into a project that they end up owning and accomplishing for themselves, not for the teacher or a grade. They each created a journal they want to keep because they are proud of it,” Mme Toudic continued. “In the end the goal is the same: using engaging projects to ensure students love reading. I was very impressed with the quality of both the 7th graders reading journals and the 6th graders Castaway Dioramas – we clearly have very talented students at SDFAS!”

Il n’y a aucun doute. Merci à Mme Toudic pour toutes les photos et les projets stimulants!

Heart Specialist Visits MS Science Class

As we mentioned in the Echo last week, Mr. Ericson’s 8th Grade US Science class kicked off its unit on systems of the body with a dissection lab featuring special guest Dr. Riaz Ahmed, SDFAS Parent to Gabe (8th) and Anya (5th) and an award-winning cardiologist with the Scripps Clinic.

While following all the necessary COVID-prevention protocols, Dr. Ahmed – who has trained many med students – joined Mr. Ericson in leading our students through a dissection of a pig heart. With the help of a document camera, students on distance learning were also able to follow, and they will now be able to practice the same experience at home (if they would like – in fact, any student who wished not to take part had the option of working on a different project).

During recess not long after, I chatted with the students about their experience. They expressed enjoyment and even a little bit of awe. According to Dr. Ahmed, the 8th Graders showed great composure and curiosity.

Their maturity was not surprising in the least, and we’re proud of their good work. As Mr. Ericson had reminded the class: “We will treat the Pig Hearts and the exercise with respect. We will honor those lives by focusing our attention to learn all we can.”

All the better to have Dr. Ahmed on hand – we thank him again for sharing his time and expertise!

For more photos please click here to visit our Google album.

It’s an art / It’s a science

Every so often, we enjoy nice weather here in Southern California…So indeed, as we mourn now the dubious anniversary of one entire year since many schools closed and have not since reopened, I am glad we can make the most of our outdoor learning environment here in beautiful San Diego.

Without ever forgetting our students on Distance Learning, it was nice to see our 8th Grade students in action on campus – combining Art and Science in a recent mural project that spanned the wall facing the school field. Under the guidance of French Science teacher Mme Ducloux, with help from Humanities teacher Ms. Mitchell, the 8A and 8B covered the façade in designs illustrating the foundations in genetics they had learned about in class. A select few photos below – thanks Mme Ducloux!


“Concours de Nouvelles” awards in 6th grade

Thursday June 16, 2016

Today the 6th grade students received their award for the short stories contest in 5th and 6th grade. There was three prizes per class, and two additional students selected and commended for their excellent story.

6th grade winners were joined by the winners of the 5th grade classes for the picture.

More about then contest: In the auditorium, the 5th and 6th graders have two hours to write a short story on a given theme. The 7th graders define criteria and categories and organize a vote for the “best” ones. The contest may be linked with the “semaine de la francophonie.” The main goal is to create an opportunity for older students to read the short stories written by 5th and 6th graders, who can help younger students correct their mistakes and then choose an external jury to select the winners.

On the pictures below, the winners of the contest with Aline Bunod. The “Concours de Nouvelles” was coordinated this year by Aline Bunod and Bertrand Bago.

7th Grade Beach Clean-Up at Windansea

Each year, SDFAS students partner with “I Love A Clean San Diego,” San Diego’s most influential advocate for sustainability and environmental education. For the 2nd consecutive year, students adopted Windansea Beach as our targeted annual beach clean-up. The Adopt-A-Beach program is not just about trash.  It’s about the need for clean oceans, shorelines, and waterways.  It is about Californians acting together to create lasting solutions to marine pollution.  The harmful effects of marine debris are severe: negative economic and aesthetic impacts, harm and risk to human health and safety, injury and death to animals through entanglement and ingestion, and habitat destruction.

This afternoon, the 7th grade class worked together to scavenge the shores for non-organic waste, recyclables, and man-made debris. The students did a fantastic job fulfilling their civic duty by cleaning and caring for their local environment.


Math contest in Middle School

Organized by Mme Mével, this math event challenged the student’s mental math abilities. Students were encouraged to do their best and to practice as much as they could to help develop their mental math skills. Students were given 7 minutes to do 30 calculations once a month since the beginning of the school year. The students with the highest scores were given an assortment of prizes today during forum.The winners this year are :

For 6th grade : 1 – Julian Ignatov, Alexander Price. 2 – Sebastien Altomare. 3 – Paul Madany. 4 – Emma Berman.

For 7th grade : 1 – David Llewellyn-Smith. 2 – Alexander Caracalla. 3 – Vincent Gélibert. 4 – Yann Baglin-Bunod.

For 8th grade : 1 – Victor Manzella. 2 – Henry Madany. 3 – Georges Perbost. 4 – Oceane Ignatov and Emilie Otterson.

Bravo à tous les élèves!

Written by Patricia Gomez-Lopez, 6th grade student.

Math contest 2016.JPG



Scientific comics !

During the past few weeks 6th graders have been working on Science projects : creating a comic to describe different behaviors used to survive. In order to demonstrate what they studied in the French Science Curriculum, students had to choose a plant or an animal, and describe its food, reproduction, living environment, appearance and adaptations to the changing seasons.

Madame Lecorgne will make a book with these comics in the next few weeks, and you’ll be able to find it and read it in the library.

We have here a few examples : Maya and the skunk, Louna and the squirrel, Patricia and the plant.

Extended Studies Forum

Extended Studies English is for students who already speak English well, and who want to be challenged a little bit more. In our Sixth Grade Extended Studies class, we are reading Murder of the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie. After we read the book, we will watch the movie together to compare the book with the movie.

The students and I decided that they could choose different character roles to recite for you. It was up to them to decide if their parts would be large or small.

This is just a sampling of what we do in our Sixth Grade Extended Studies Class!

Barbara Regan.

On this picture : Maya Satterberg, Louna Ripart, Sébastien Altomare, Liam Sylvada, Liam Sapochnick, Alexander Price, Adrian Chaix, Ariana Giauque, Sébastien Fischer.


Poems in 6th grade

In March, students in 6th grade have created very beautiful poem booklets. Some of the poems have been displayed during the “Printemps des Poètes” (Spring of poets) event.

Read in the attachment some of the productions, under the direction of Aline Bunod.

Click on the link below:

Poems 6th grade