Time for the Sorting Ceremony – Sorting Hat included!

Time for the Sorting Ceremony – Sorting Hat included!

Fans of Harry Potter will recognize this tradition! For the past two years, Mme Addo has assigned the Middle School students their own “House” – one of five groups based on the school’s core values:

Open-mindedness, Intellectual Curiosity, Integrity, Empathy, and Resilience.

During the school year, Houses accumulate points through games and individual achievements. Each House has prefects to guide them. Last week, the outgoing prefects in 8th Grade held the Sorting Ceremony (complete with Sorting Hat) for this year’s 5th Graders as they prepare to enter Middle School. It was a lot of fun! Glory to your Houses!


Hand-Eye Coordination For the Win

This week, I’m happy to share with you the delightful debut of a scrappy, humble new SDFAS initiative: its E-Sports Team, The Nebulas!

Scrappy and humble, I figured, because it was entering its first competition ever and it was only formed by Mme Addo a few weeks ago. Well, guess what…

The Nebulas made the playoffs!!!

Dozens of teams from around San Diego County are competing in this tournament organized by the San Diego County Office of Education, using the High School E-Sports League platform. Students can select from a number of games including Minecraft, Super Smash Bros, Rocket League, NBA2K21, and others with a variety of platforms (XBox, PS4, Switch…). Online video game competition is a booming industry now, but when I asked our students why they had joined The Nebulas, it came back always to the same thing: “fun.”

Fun and some healthy competition, ultimately – 7th Grade student Matias Bas, for one, made the Top 15 in Smash in a field of 39. The Nebulas are also excelling in Rocket League. After three legs, we’ve made the playoffs. Mme Addo said: “They were super pro – it was fun to watch them work autonomously and represent SDFAS up against other schools.”

Wish them luck!

Here’s the full roster:
8th: Angelo Do-Vale, Luca Guizar, Richardson Liou, Thomas Vidon
7th: Matias Bas, Aidan Desrosiers-Kutchuk, Aimee Desrosiers-Kutchuk

What are the odds? 8th Grader David Deutsch’s Gold Medal in math

What are the odds, I asked 8th grader David Deutsch, of scoring a Gold Medal with a perfect score of 120 out of 120 on the Kangaroo Math USA competition? What are the odds of achieving it two years running? Well, it’s a rare achievement, that’s for sure. Last year, he was one of 56 students in the country to receive Gold – and the only one in San Diego County.

56…out of nearly 35,000!

His achievement was deservedly celebrated in Advisory during the morning meeting. Asked how that felt, David is very humble: “It doesn’t mean you’re a legendary mathematician, but it’s something to be proud of.”

David with his Kangaroo Math Contest prize from last year

David also participated in the AMC8 and AMC10 competitions. On the AMC-8 he was in the top 1.8% among over 50,000 participants, and on the AMC10 he finished in the top 13.33% among all participants (9th and 10th grade included).

Stellar stuff. So what’s it like to get ready for a big math competition?

“It’s a lot like stage fright,” David says. “You generally feel stressed before, and then after that you don’t feel anything anymore […] it doesn’t really help to feel nervous because then you lose your concentration.”

David described his passion for math and for the piano, at which he also excels. Which one’s more difficult? “Piano requires more concentration but the objective is clearer. In math, the destination is more unknown, more abstract…”

One day, David hopes to become a researcher in neuroscience, to study and better understand how to combat and treat brain cancer. As it so happens, one area of promising research in the battle against cancer: applied mathematics.

MS Students Shine in Math Competitions

The MS Blog may have been quiet this school year, but the campus has been abuzz with activity!

Our clever problem-solvers have been putting their blended French-American math lessons to the test, with volunteers participating in the AMC8 (on-campus only) and MOEMS math competitions. We’ve recently received the results – congratulations to Jorge Bas (8th), Sashi Chuckravanen (8th), Blake Matz (6th), and Julian Rosenblum (7th) for scoring in the national top quartile on the AMC8! On the MOEMS, David Deutsch (8th) and Eleanor Meyer (7th) achieved the top two scores of SDFAS! Congratulations to them and kudos to all the SDFAS students who participated!

Next up in Math: the Kangourou in French in honor of Pi Day and the next edition of the MOEMS!

Jorge Bas (8th) had the top score among SDFAS students in the AMC8 challenge

Julian Rosenblum (7th) with his AMC8 certificate for the second best score among SDFAS competitors

US Math Teacher Ms. Cohen “presents” Blake Matz (6th) his AMC8 certificate for the third best score among SDFAS students

Sashi Chuckravanen (8th) with her AMC8 certificate for third best score among SDFAS students