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Update as of January 31st, 2020


The following picture shows the location of the temporary power pole that will be erected in the City’s easement along Soledad Mountain Road.

The City of San Diego will soon install two temporary power poles in the City’s easement to provide uninterrupted power to the temporary pump equipment on Soledad Mountain Road.

One of the poles will be installed in the grass outside the San Diego French American School near the pump equipment. The other pole will be located next to an electrical box outside All Hallows Church.  A temporary power line will run from pole to pole.  The poles will be in place for at least a year to allow for the continued construction of the nearby Soledad Pump Station which provides water to much of the La Jolla community.

Please direct all inquiries about the temporary power poles to the project’s Community Liaison, Vic Salazar Communications at 619-517-4744.


Soledad Temp booster Elec power


Update as of October 20, 2019.


The pump and generator have been delivered to the contractor.

The equipment will be installed over the next two weeks on Soledad Mtn. Road in the location previously provided.


To the School Community,

During the week of October 14, 2019, a City of San Diego Capital Improvement Project will initiate construction activity on Soledad Mountain Road in front of the school.

The City is currently upgrading the nearby Soledad Pump Station.  The engineering of this project requires that a temporary pump and generator must be used to guarantee the flow of water to the two fire hydrants that are on Soledad Mountain Road, just east of the intersection with La Jolla Scenic Drive South.

  • The temporary pump and generator will be placed in the parking lane of Soledad Mountain Road and will be protected from vehicle traffic with crash barrels and K-rail.
  • There will be a fence around the equipment.  In addition, there will be temporary pipes between the hydrants and temporary pump.  These pipes will be over the sidewalk.
  • The sidewalk will remain accessible to pedestrians with the use of an ADA-approved ramp that will be installed over the pipes.
  • The equipment will be in place for at least one year.  Please be aware of the situation and use caution when turning onto Soledad Mountain Road from La Jolla Scenic Drive South.

If you have questions about the pump equipment, please contact the project’s Community Liaison, Vic Salazar, at


Soledad booster pump plan