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Our alumni, many of whom began in pre-elementary school and continued through the 8th grade, have shown exemplary academic success in high school, college and graduate school. The school’s first students who started at Ecole Française de San Diego in the late ’80s and early 90s are now out in the working world. After leaving SDFAS, our alumni have been successful in some of San Diego’s most competitive high school programs. They have earned International Baccalaureate diplomas or high scores in college level Advanced Placement courses. They have graduated from such prestigious universities as La Sorbonne in Paris, Harvard University, and Vassar, or participated in the honors programs in the University of California system. Some have earned multiple masters’ degrees or are in PhD programs. The “French School” students have a special connection and many of them continue to stay in contact through high school, college and beyond. In fact, every few years, the school organizes a reunion on campus where students gather to share their memories, look at their old yearbooks, and renew their friendships.

Our graduates go on to study many diverse subjects.

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San Diego French-American School is proud of its graduates. SDFAS alumni who graduated from high school in 2015 are attending the following colleges and universities:

Bradley University (Illinois)
Centenary College of New Jersey (Equine Studies)
Columbia University (New York City)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
McGill University (Montreal)
Mira Costa Community College (San Diego)
New York University (New York City)
Northeastern University (Boston, MA)
Princeton University (New Jersey)
Purdue University (Indiana)
University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)
University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC)
University of San Diego (USD)
University of Southern California (USC)

Our graduates attend prestigious universities.

I definitely think that the opportunity to learn French at such a young age impacted my future path, as it was the jumping off point for my attending the IB program at San Diego High School. French helped me learn Spanish and has also opened up the path for me possibly working in a French-speaking country. Because I learned French, my options are broader as to where I can go.

Milena A., 1998 graduate
Harvard University graduate

Testimonials from SDFAS Alumni…

SDFAS was really tough. As soon as I moved back to France and started college, I remembered the grammar rules and the culture. SDFAS prepared me well for high school; I had a good level in English and in French. I took AP English…and English is my third language! When I arrived at the university in Lyon, I had to do a dictée the first thing; I felt like I was in elementary school again!

Jacqueline A, 2005 SDFAS graduate
Cathedral Catholic High School, 2009
L’Université Catholique de Lyon, International Business School,
ESDES (Ecole Superior de Commerce et Management)

I was so well prepared in English when I went to high school; I was at the top of my class.

Monserrat A., 2008 graduate
Cathedral Catholic High School

Attending SDFAS helped me learn English, and thanks to this I had a nice and easy transition in my moving to the U.S. from France. Otherwise, I would have been in an American school directly, and I think I would have faced more struggles.

Marie B., 2010 graduate
La Jolla High School
French-American International School, San Francisco

Without a doubt, the students of today’s French-American school are gaining a solid bilingual education that will be part of their toolbox throughout their personal, educational and professional lives. This would not be possible without my parents’ vision that became a reality in 1988.

Coralie Bordes, the school’s first student
San Diego High School, IB, 2004
La Sorbonne, Paris, 2008
UC San Diego IR/PS, 2011

After attending the French school, I took several Advanced Placement classes in high school, including French, Spanish, math and political science. I earned my undergraduate degree in Global Studies, with a double minor in French and Spanish. I could never have achieved all of this without my education at the French school, where I developed a strong work ethic and learned to love the romance languages.

Colenn B., 2002
La Jolla High School, 2006
UCSB, 2010

The French American School allowed me to establish the most refined base skill structure available in all San Diego County schools, as I can assure that my level of French I achieved in France and kept up from age 9-14 at the French school, has made me a high scoring student. It helped in both my French International Baccalaureate courses at SDHS and my academic endeavors in the UC DAVIS French program. The way the French school engrained the French language and biculturalism into my primary and middle school education put me at the top of my classes in both the I.B. program and the French major at UC Davis. The mix of knowledge and skills attained between the French-American School and the I.B program allowed me to receive 24 credits before even entering college, ultimately helping me to graduate with two degrees and a minor in four years.

Hugo André, 2003
San Diego High School, 2007
UC Davis, 2011