Parents Association

All parents of SDFAS are members of the Community Association or CA.

Every year a board constituted of three members is elected. Parents can also join a committee to help prepare or chair a specific event, such as Le Marché de Noël, or Spring Fair wiht a French Flair.

The CA maintains a website that keeps parents informed. All upcoming events are also announced in the school newsletter: Echo Info.

For more information on the PA, contact a member of the board: .

More on the events sponsored by the PA:

Every year the PA organizes events for the students and the families to bring together the school community and help welcome new families.

This is a list of the main events taking place during the year:

  • Back to School Picnic organized in conjunction with the school Administration (Head of School, Admissions and Development)
  • Le Marché de NoëlA French tradition, Marché de Noël is an open market with many seasonal items and goodies for sale, plus some fun carnival rides for the students. It’s a very popular event among our families.
  • La Jolla Christmas parade in conjunction with the school Administration.
    Student representatives participate in the annual Christmas Parade through the streets of La Jolla to represent our school.
  • The Talent Show :  Students can sign up to sing, dance, act… during a special performance held in February. All parents are invited!
  • Book Fair (French and English books) organized in conjunction with the Library.
  • Teachers Appreciation Day and Luncheon
  • Spring Fair with a French Flair (formerly La Kermesse):  In June, this end of year all school carnival is much appreciated by our students: all sorts of games and rides are available, and booths for food, with an international flavor of course!