Pre-Elementary School Latest Announcements

Contact Babeth Esterly, Administrative Director of the Pre-Elementary School, or Sophie Ricouard, Director of the Pre-Elementary School with questions.

PK2 – Sculpture Workshop

  • February 28th – 8:45 am to 11:30 am
  • For the past few weeks, we have hosted sculptures in our classes. Jon Koelher, the artist, will come to the school auditorium to present a short movie of himself in action, in his shop. Following this, he will answer the students’ questions. In the second part of the visit, each class will have time to create a sculpture “à la manière de” Jon Koehler. The teachers will be in charge of these activities. Jon will look at the children’s work, give advice, and help with creating a sense of movement in each work of art.
  • Permission Slips:
  • PK2 A – Stephanie
  • PK2 B – Alexandra
  • PK2 C – Cindy

PK2 – Mini Forum

  • March 4th – 9 am 
  • Parents are invited to come see the students’ sculptures “à la manière de” Jon Koehler.

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Pre-Elementary Exhibition at the La Jolla Library

  • Be sure to visit with your family!