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  Saturday, April 8, 2017

All you want to know about snails

By Admissions

snails 0snail story 5
snail story 4Snail story 2snail story 3eggsnails-1
snail art 2snails 1If you have a chance to step in Kindergarten, you will be surprised to find a snail aquarium in each class. The students have to feed the snails and observe them grow as part of the “Exploring the World” and
 “Take care and observe the development of an animal” skills.

They now know how to keep them healthy and happy. They studied all the names of their body parts, and could even create a story about the life of a snail.

They observed the snail’s shells and got inspired to create beautiful art!

So well cared, the snails laid some eggs. Let’s be patient and wait for the baby snails!