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  Tuesday, March 28, 2017

An introduction to coding in PK1

By Admissions

Cubetto 5Cubetto is our new friend in PK1. He is a robot and we learn how to make him move around.

We use different colored blocks that we put on a queue line, and then we press on the blue button:” Go Cubetto”. When placed on the map, Cubetto can move forward, backwards, pivot on the right or the left side.

After making friends with Cubetto, we decided to build him a house using legos and magnets.

On the map, we placed Cubetto’s house in one of the squares, and programmed him to move from its initial position to his house. Then we added more lego buildings, and made Cubetto move from one to the other as well as explore the rest of the map.

The fun part was when Cubetto was strong enough to push forward some of the buildings when moving.

Later on, when the PK1 students become experts at programming the different moves of Cubetto, they will be able to memorize a sequence using the function line.

It is true coding and the children love it!