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  Friday, November 30, 2018

Body percussion, rap and language in Pre-elementary

By Admissions

Anne Ferton, SDFAS PK2C teacher, is following a yearlong training with the Mission Laïque Française on body percussions. Body percussion is a brilliant way to create music in a group. It is also valuable for internalizing fundamental musical concepts including rhythm, beat and tempo. Through her personal music experience (Anne was the lead singer in a band) and this intense training, Anne will be stomping, clapping hands and clicking fingers, with her students to put in music stories created in the class. We are all waiting for their first performance!

IMG_3712 2

After creating a repertoire of sound effects with their mouth and their body, Anne and her students associated each sound effect with an image. As with musical notes, students were able to create their own sound scores and play them with their bodies.