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  Thursday, May 4, 2017

Défi Scientifique/ Scientifique challenge

By Admissions

Our Maternelle students worked for the past weeks with their teachers on a very challenging scientific project.

The PK2 had to build “un arbre à sons/ a musical tree”. They had to follow some guidelines given by the MLF, “Mission Laïque Française”, a network of about 108 schools in 47 different countries to which SDFAS is affiliated:

-They had to create a structure that would make some music or sound and that would be animated by an element, such as wind or water… They could also create a song to sing along with the musical structure.

-They had to use only recycling materials.

-It had to be a team effort and help the students enlarge their vocabulary and solving skills.

The PK2 student’s scientific project took the form of a musical tree that they enjoyed playing to  accompany their song.

The PK1 students relied on a similar scientific approach. We were very happy to discover two scarecrows in the 5 senses garden of the Preschool, made by the PK1 students using only recycling materials.

Congratulations to our young scientists!

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