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  Friday, March 23, 2018

International Week in SDFAS Pre-Elementary 

By Admissions


IMG_9340 .   IMG_9404

PK1 parents presenting a country 

Our section was an active participant of the SDFAS International Week.  PK2 and K students enrolled in the Mandarin program performed on Wednesday, March 21st. The following day the Kindergarteners sang with the 1st graders in Basque. 11 Pre-elementary students participated in the “Défilé des langues” and spoke in Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese and Breton. Kindergarteners went around the world and visited the classrooms of older students who prepared a lot of fun activities related to a country. In the PK1 and PK2 classrooms, our wonderful parents presented to very curious students, aspects of their culture. It was another great opportunity to celebrate the diversity of SDFAS community!

IMG_7374 2            choir

Our K discovering Japan with the 8th grade                      K and 1st grade Choir

Chinese . Chinese K

Mandarin PK2                                                        Mandarin K