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  Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Learning how to write in cursive in Kindergarten

By Admissions

Learning how to write skillfully in cursive is a long process that starts in Kindergarten and will be continued in 1st grade.

Our PK2 students already train on a large scale to make and then draw some loops. To practice they will use blocks and trace the loop around, or use a cord to make a loop around the block. Then they will try to draw as many small loops as possible with a piece of chalk.

PK2 loops with a cord PK2 loops with a chalkPK2 tracing loops with a chalk

In  Kindergarten, the students will train on a smaller scale to make loops using different tools and material: ribbon, play dough, and eventually they will draw loops on a whiteboard using a marker.

The next and final step will be to learn how to write letters in cursive when following a line, and to stay in between two lines. A major step to master before entering in 1st grade.

Congratulation to our students for their good practice!