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  Saturday, January 21, 2017

Math concepts in Preschool and Kindergarten

By Admissions

In our French curriculum, all the Math skills have the power to help our students develop some important tools to structure their way of thinking. One of the skills the Kindergarten study is “Reproduce an assembly from a template (puzzle, tiling, construction)”.

The children will have to manipulate after a precise observation which will help them to understand some abstract concepts such as space visualization.

Another skill they need to master is “Count to compare two given sets”. This skill may appear an easy one but to achieve it you need to have fully understood the quantities which is a difficult skill that our students at SDFAS start to learn from PK0, with a quantity of 2 objects, then 3 objects in PK1, 5 objects in PK2 and finally they will easily master the quantity of 10 objects.

Our PK1 students spend some time acquiring this next Math skill:”Identify a pattern and continue the sequence”. This particular skill will allow them to develop their logical way of thinking and prepare them for problem solving.

Being able to count is not being able to recite the numbers. This is only one of the various Math Number sense concepts our students will master by the end of Kindergarten.

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