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  Sunday, January 8, 2017

Oral Album to progress in French oral language

By Admissions

A tool to help our students progress with their French oral

One of the favorite tools our French teachers use with their students to help them improve their oral vocabulary and language are the “Oral album”.

Those albums are created to teach the students how to strengthen their oral and improve their speech skills. The story is told by the teacher, not read as with a normal book, to the children.


The main goal is that the students get fully familiar with the language used to tell the story, by listening to the CD audio which comes with the album as often as they wish and individually.

At the end, the students are invited to tell the story using their own words usually greatly enriched by the appropriation of the vocabulary and sentences used in the story told.

Those albums offer different levels of oral skills (PK1, PK2 and Kindergarten levels).

SDFAS has a collection of more than dsc_0057dsc_005510 different titles.