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  Friday, November 17, 2017

SDFASDFAS pre-elementary artists show at La Jolla Library

By Véronique Bevali

Starting November 15th, La Jolla Library will kindly welcome our PK0 to K students’ art productions.

Our fabulous( and very efficient) volunteers, Vanessa and Angela, installed the exhibit. They had the opportunity to have first glance at our young artists works.

La Jolla 2

This year, a lot of the art works revolves around geometry and basic shapes. What better way to learn about lines or circles than to study the works of Klee, Mondrian, Dubuffet or Kusama. For their works on emotions, our Kindergarteners used Van Gogh, Boutten and Pollock.

Please stop by the library to discover the entire exhibit, we know that you will be impressed.



By Véronique Bevali

Clue#3: My third is the first syllable of the place where your heart belongs

IMG_3496 IMG_3498

Clue#1 – my first is the note that follows SO

Clue#2 – my second is a jewel in Spanish

  Wednesday, November 15, 2017


By Véronique Bevali


Clue#2: My second is a jewel in Spanish.

Reminder of clue#1: My first is the note that follows SO.

Watch out for clue#3!

3D, answer, ask, background, business, businessman, cartoon, character, communication, competition, concept, confusion, design, doubt, face, figure, find, graphic, hand, help, human, humorous, icon, idea, illustration, information, illustration, information, isolated, male, man, mark, mind, people, pose, problem, quest, question, red, search, sign, silhouette, solution, strategy, symbol, think, white, why, worry.


  Friday, November 10, 2017


By Véronique Bevali



A fun event is coming up soon… See if you can guess from the charade, whose clues will be published one by one in the next coming days/weeks.

Clue #1: My first is the note that follows SO

Your next clue will come on Monday!



Alternative seating in SDFAS KC learning environment

By Véronique Bevali

A growing number of studies suggest that incorporating movement routinely will likely increase students’ engagement, and support their learning. Alternative seating is a way to work on that goal, and a tool to assist teachers in behavior management and on-task behavior. It provides the movement needed within the classroom to improve a child’s sensory modulation and attention.

Alternative seating

In KC, SDFAS teacher Laurette Reinhard raised a table so the students can stand. She added big blue gym balls to sit on while they work. Finally, she lowered a table around which students can sit, crisscross or on their knees.

Students who are engaged, focus better and for longer periods of time. They will learn more efficiently in all academic areas, including reading and language arts.

  Wednesday, November 8, 2017

PK 1 and Kindergarten mini-forum

By Véronique Bevali


Mini forum 2On November 8, 2017 SDFAS pre-elementary parents were invited to see our second mini-forum. Our stars performers this time were the Kindergarteners, and for the first time this year, our three classes of PK1.  The presentation started with a dance from our PK1, and we saw future rock stars!


The Kindergarteners demonstrated their mastery of the French language with poems about the fall season, and closed the show with a classic French song “Dans la Forêt lointaine”.

Mini forum 4

  Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween, and Grandparents & Special Friends Day

By Véronique Bevali

Halloween Collage

During our last day of school before Fall Break, we celebrated grandparents and special friends by inviting them to participate in our Halloween parties. We took a lot of pictures and did a parade around the whole campus. Then we enjoyed watching the elementary Flash Mob before going back to the classroom for a potluck with all our friends and families. We also had a pumpkin-carving contest. What a day!


  Friday, October 20, 2017

First mini forum for our Pre-Elementary students

By Véronique Bevali


SDFAS PK2 students

On Wednesday, October 11, 2017 SDFAS Kindergarten and PK2 students were the stars of our first mini-forum. Our three K classes, who sang two songs a cappella, opened the show. Then PK2 students interpreted “cinq petits mots”.

Performing in front of an audience is such an incredible way to work on self-confidence. It was a lot of fun, and your children were so proud to perform for you!

  Friday, October 13, 2017

Taste week/ La semaine du Goût

By Véronique Bevali

The annual Semaine du Goût or Taste Week is a celebration of flavors, good food, and nutrition. Numerous events are organized throughout the week.

This year in the pre-elementary school, children experienced “taste lessons”: They explored textures and colors, compared and contrasted fresh fruits and dried fruits, and identify the main basic flavors (sour, bitter, salty, and savory).

Color plates, cooking, blind tasting, acid or sweet?

This event would not be possible without the contribution of our parents’ volunteers, who cut, sliced, diced, and cooked for our students.

On behalf of the Pre-Elementary team, thank you!


  Friday, October 6, 2017

Art Integrated In SDFAS Pre-Elementary Curriculum

By Véronique Bevali

Starting from PK0 and up to 8th grade, SDFAS curriculum integrates Arts in the daily activities of the classroom. In K, our students have been working on emotions. Our 3 classes have been organizing all their activities around this theme. They target social and emotional development, strategies to better recognize and manage emotions, and reading and writing, vocabulary.

Layla, VanGogh and sadness
Layla, VanGogh and sadness

Integrating arts into core subjects helps young children learn better across the curriculum. Arts-integrated teaching taps into children’s natural desire for active learning through the senses. By singing,  imagining, dancing, drawing and connecting their bodies and minds, children learn more deeply and meaningfully, especially in subjects like reading, math, and science.

Collective creation on feeling inspired by the work of Benjamin Saulnier-Blache
Collective creation on feeling inspired by the work of Benjamin Saulnier-Blache