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  Friday, April 6, 2018

Science challenge in Pre-elementary (Part 1)

By Admissions

Our PK1 are participating in a science challenge with the AEFE network of French school in North America. For the “défi science” they have to make 3 objects : one that shows the presence of the wind, one that shows the wind’s direction and one that can measure the wind’s strength. Today, we will not talk about the results, but more about the process: Our students started first to investigate/explore questions:

How to move a feather without touching it? They came back with a lot of solutions: blowing, slapping the table with their hands, stomping right next to the feather (mixed results with that one). Then they discovered a few tools and tried them with the same objective: moving the feather without touching it. SDFAS PK1 scientists are at work: observing, making hypothesis and experimenting. We will continue to follow their research.