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  Thursday, February 13, 2020

Sculptor at school

By Admissions

TIMG_0205 IMG_1904 IMG_1897 IMG_0164he pk2 classes have developed a partnership with the sculptor Jon Koehler, from Jon Koehler sculpture. He has lent the class’ 4 artworks that the class were allowed to explore by touching and observing. They then choose a sculpture that they will talk about either/or describe and tell their feelings about it for the French ministry of Education action called “Mai au musée” (May at the Museum). This year’s subject is Music, so each class will also pair the sculpture of their choice with one or two music. The video realized for that occasion will be part of an online virtual museum with all the artwork chosen by students around the country.
In a second part of the project we will meet with the sculptor, see how he works and put ourselves in his shoes by creating an individual metallic sculpture.
If you want to know more about Jon’s work, click here: