Welcome to the Preschool

Immersive Learning. An incredibly rich program. 

Research shows that an immersive early-language program enables young minds to develop the superior critical thinking and problem-solving skills that give them a competitive edge in today’s global economy.

Our preschool program is incredibly rich and diverse: inspired from pedagogic methods in France, children are immersed in the French Language, they develop their personal and social skills and through play skills, improve on their problem-solving or fine motor skills. Art projects encourage their creativity and promote their imagination.

Passionate and Inspiring teachers … and uniquely qualified to teach French.

After all, it’s their first language! Led by French and American faculty, small classes and student-centered learning plans empower teachers to inspire and challenge each student to the best of their abilities.

Pre-elementary classes are taught by French teachers using an approach that provides a truly immersive experience at an age when the human brain is most open to linguistic development.

Teachers establish a relationship with their students promoting trust and care. They give each student the opportunity to express their potential and talent.

A day in our preschool

Immersion in fun learning activities.

The day starts with ”circle time” which will allow your child to develop listening skills and vocabulary along with the ability to communicate in French on topics that motivate them. It’s also a time for songs and story-telling. Imagine your child coming home with songs and poems in French! At that age, learning a new language is a piece of cake and their pronunciation is as good as a native speaker.


Drawing, painting, and sharing work with fellow students provides a great opportunity for self-expression and helps to reinforce language skills.


Our class library is filled with classic cultural tales in both French and English.

Writing and Penmanship

Our students learn the skill of creating letterforms and are encouraged to practice their penmanship with fun activities.

Performing Arts

Students learn French through dance, stories and songs.


Students explore the skills of sports, such as throwing, aim, catching, and carrying different objects.

Exploring the World

We provide many opportunities to experiment with tactile materials such as sand, water, wood, earth, paper, semolina, cloth.


Puzzles and sorting games help teach skills such as dexterity and the ability to structure thought and logic.


Students explore their world on our playground, and discover and experiment with a variety of fun and enriching tools, objects, and toys.

Music and Rhythm

Our campus includes a variety of exciting musical instruments for students to play and experiment with, both indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Spaces

Students build coordination and social skills on our beautiful playgrounds with both natural and engineered play structures.

Lunch Time

Whether enjoying a delicious lunch from home or provided by our caterer Girard Gourmet, your child will dine in the company of friends in a colorful and pleasant environment.

Children play and learn in a safe and nurturing learning space

A neighborhood preschool with global perspective! Our preschool is on top of Mount Soledad in La JOlla, close to sought after communities: Pacific Beach, Bird Rock, University City in La JOlla and of course San Diego. Classrooms awell-equipped and with air conditioning open on an attractive playground: the”Garden of Five Senses” which offers children many possibilities. They can play with outdoor musical instruments, do some gardening or become scientists and experiment in the ‘Sand Lab’!

International Learning Community

World Class Education


An increasingly complex global society requires a more competitive early education. With over 30 nationalities and more than 10 languages spoken on the campus by our students and faculty, no wonder our preschoolers will be world ready! Our community of parents is multicultural, inclusive, and shares common values about education: respect, tolerance, seeing the world as a place of challenge and opportunities for the children of today. With our immersion and bilingual program, students soon become fluent in success and ready for the future!

We are accepting incoming preschool students with no prior exposure to French. Come and visit to learn more about our program.