Rules for bicycles, pedestrians and vehicles in and around the dirt lot

Bicycles / Pedestrians:

  1. Whether coming up hill on Soledad Mountain Road to turn left into the dirt lot or coming down the hill on Soledad Mountain Road to turn right into the dirt lot, all students on bicycles MUST STOP AND GET OFF THEIR BICYCLES prior to entering the dirt lot. After stopping at a safe distance from the entranceway, all students with bicycles must wait and follow directions from the person directing traffic as to when it is safe to proceed into the entrance to the lot walking the bicycle into and along the designated alley “safety zone” for walkers and bikers. For pedestrians, the rule is the same: people walking into the dirt lot MUST STOP before entering the lot or crossing the entranceway to the lot. 
  2. There is ONE and only ONE safe place inside the dirt lot for pedestrians to walk and for students arriving by bicycle to WALK ALONGSIDE THEIR BICYCLES (riding bicycles in the dirt lot is strictly not allowed). A photo is attached of the dirt lot bicycle/pedestrian “safety zone”. It is demarcated by orange cones and by a series of blue painted wood squares on the ground all up and down the length of the safety zone alleyway. Please, please, please, everyone, adults and children, we each must respect and role-model this rule for each other. I implore you to refrain at all times from walking (with or without a bike) across the middle of the dirt. It is truly very, very dangerous. And unnecessary. Using the pedestrian/bicycle safety zone will keep all of us safe.
  3. When exiting the dirt lot on foot or by bicycle, the same rules apply in reverse: the safety zone for pedestrians and bikers MUST be the only part of the dirt lot that is used:  pedestrians and bikers must STOP before proceeding through the exit area of the dirt lot, awaiting direction from the person directing traffic before making their left onto the sidewalk going up the hill or right onto the sidewalk going down the hill.


  1. Always use right-hand blinker signal to indicate your intent to turn into the dirt lot as your vehicle approaches.
  2. Approach the dirt lot entrance slowly and as you do so move over to the right side of Soledad Mountain Road as much as possible so as to let through traffic pass safely around you.
  3. Do not assume as you approach the entrance to the dirt lot that you will immediately be able to make the right turn into the lot: proceed slowly, be prepared to stop, and wait or proceed as directed by the person directing traffic.
  4. Once you’ve entered the dirt lot, remain aware and attentive to all that is happening around you so as to anticipate any potential situations – please do not allow yourself to become distracted by your smart phone – too much is at stake.
  5. Once you’ve dropped off your child(ren), proceed slowly around the designated traffic circle. Again, do not assume that you will immediately be able to access the exit area to leave the dirt lot outside; be prepared to stop or proceed as directed by the person directing traffic.

However it is that you get transported into the dirt lot, it goes without saying that everyone at all times needs to remain highly aware, attentive, and vigilant.

Thank you all so much for taking the utmost care each and every day. There is absolutely nothing any of us do that is more important than keeping each other safe.