Summer – CM1 / 4th – 20/21

In addition to the California Department of Education’s “Recommended Literature List” and the Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale et de la Jeunesse you may consider reading these books over the summer. Enjoy your break!



  • Mon je-me-parle – Casterman
  • Journal d’un chat assassin – L’Ecole des loisirs
  • Voyage au pays des arbres – Gallimard jeunesse
  • Histoire de la mouette et du chat qui lui apprit à voler – Sarbacane

Visual Arts

  • Baby’s First Eames: From Art Deco to Zaha Hadid by Julie Merberg
  • Touch the Art: Make Van Gogh’s Bed (There are many others in this series: Count Monet’s Lilies, Catch Picasso’s Rooster, Feed Matisse’s Fish
  • Find King Henry’s Treasure, Brush Mona Lisa’s Hair) By Julie Appel
  • My Museum By Joanne Lui