Ways To Give

Making a gift to San Diego French-American School is easy and can be accomplished in several different ways.

Tax-deductible donations and pledges can be paid by cash, check, credit card or securities. You may opt to charge the same amount to your credit card on a monthly basis or even every three months. SDFAS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and will provide acknowledgement letters with our Federal Tax ID number for all gifts.

Our tax ID # is 93-0992063. Talk with your financial advisors about the benefits of giving cash, securities or planned gifts to fully take advantage of SDFAS’ 501(c)(3) charitable tax status.

Anonymous Gifts

San Diego French-American School honors the desire of donors who wish to remain anonymous and will respectfully refrain from publishing their name(s) in our various publications.

Giving stocks – securities

By giving in the form of appreciated securities (stocks, funds, etc.), you can realize significant tax savings by avoiding capital gains on the increased value of the stock. Giving appreciated securities (normally needs to be held for over a year), can also allow you to receive a charitable deduction on the full value of the stock on the date SDFAS receives them. The school will sell the donated stocks upon receipt.Making a gift of securities to SDFAS is a “broker to broker” transaction.

Please find below the correct information to initiate the transfer to SDFAS account:
Bank name: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
DTC (Depository Trust Corp.) : 0015
Account Name: San Diego French American School
Reference account number: 262-016165

Please instruct your broker to include your name when your donation is made and then call SDFAS Development Office at (858) 456 2807 – ext 304, a few days before the transfer.The biggest advantage of donating by transferring stocks is avoiding capital gains tax. A capital gain is the difference between what you paid for the donated stock and its current fair market value. By donating appreciated securities, you may avoid being taxed on the capital gain. Assume you purchased 100 shares of XYZ Company for $5000. Today, the shares are worth $10,000. If you sold the stock, you would realize a $5,000 capital gain. Under current tax rates, you could owe $750 in Federal capital gains tax and $465 in California income tax. Instead, by donating the stock to SDFAS, you will get the tax deduction receipt for $10,000.

Employers’ Matching Gift programs 

Many employers support their employees’ philanthropic contributions to IRS-recognized non-profit organizations by matching their employees’ donations. If you encounter difficulties with your company’s procedure, the SDFAS Development Office will be happy to assist you. The impact of your gift may be doubled or possibly tripled. Any cash donation, including Fund-A-Need contributions at the Gala, may be eligible for a match.

Gifts in Kind

SDFAS accepts gifts in kind from time to time, if appropriate to the mission of the school, Gala & Auction: Donations of products, trips and experiences, etc. are sold during our online or live auctions. Please visit www.galaauction.org for more information about our Gala and auctions, or download a donation form.Classroom Gifts: Parents often donate books, music, games and much more to individual classrooms or the libraries. If you make such a donation, please contact the Development Office for your tax deduction letter.We also regularly seek donations of wine, champagne and food (catering) for our fundraising and community-building events.

Planned Giving


One of the simplest ways to make a gift to SDFAS is through a will or living trust. You can name the San Diego French-American School as the direct beneficiary of specific assets, of a portion of your estate or of your residual estate after payment of other bequests. Bequests to the school are entirely free from federal estate tax and can, therefore, offer substantial estate tax savings. There is no limit on the amount you can leave to SDFAS through your will.

Life Insurance Gifts
There are several ways you can contribute to SDFAS through your life insurance policies. You can name the San Diego French-American School as a beneficiary of a new or existing policy. You can assign SDFAS as the owner of a no longer needed, paid-up or partially paid policy. You may also take out a new policy with SDFAS as the beneficiary.